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Nerve Injuries
Plaintiff was a 60ish homemaker who was referred to the defendant endodontist because of continued sensitivity following crown placement on a lower premolar tooth. A conventional root canal procedure was performed and the patient continued to complain of sensitivity. Within six weeks following the root canal, the endodontist told the plaintiff that she had to...
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Plaintiff was a 21 year old college student when he underwent the removal of one of his lower wisdom teeth for which an adequate consent form was reviewed and signed. There were no untoward effects from this simple extraction. One week later, the young man underwent the surgical removal of a difficult impacted lower wisdom...
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Plaintiff was a 24 year-old single woman when she first visited the general dentist with complaints referable to her lower third molar teeth. She was told that she should have the teeth extracted and she told the dentist that she wanted a general anesthetic. He offered to refer her to an oral surgeon or, if...
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Plaintiff was a 36 year old office worker who underwent the surgical removal of her asymptomatic erupted lower right wisdom tooth by the defendant general dentist, during the course of which surgery her lingual nerve was transected, leaving her with a permanent right lingual nerve numbness and right-sided taste disturbance. At deposition, the defendant testified...
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