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Plaintiff was a banker in her mid-twenties when she underwent a bilateral mandibular sagittal osteotomy and LeFort I maxillary osteotomy because of a facial skeletal deformity. An acrylic interocclusal stent was inserted during surgery and the patient’s jaws closed into the stent. During the immediate post-surgical period, the patient’s lower teeth came out of the...
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The plaintiff, age ten and one-half, visited the defendant dental clinic for orthodontic treatment. The first orthodontist started treatment and extracted six deciduous teeth and four permanent teeth. The second orthodontist continued treatment and estimated two years of therapy and one year in retainers. Nearly four years after therapy began the plaintiff was still in...
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The plaintiff, a thirty-one year old homemaker and executive recruiter for local and national firms, was referred to her general dentist, by the defendant orthodontist, to attempt the retrieval of a palatally-impacted maxillary cuspid (upper eye-tooth embedded in the roof of the mouth). The defendant, without the benefit of cephalometric x-rays, diagnosed her as having...
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The plaintiff was a twenty-five year old legal secretary when in June, 1981, she visited the offices of a general dentist for a routine examination. The dentist suggested that she consult with the defendant who was an orthodontist and who worked in that general dentist’s office one day per month. The defendant orthodontist owned family...
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