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The plaintiff was a thirty-eight year old mail carrier who had been receiving regular dental care from the defendant general dentist for several years. He complained about a “white spot” on his gums above a maxillary central incisor tooth and later noticed pus exuding from this spot. The defendant suggested that the plaintiff see a...
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Plaintiff was a 55 year old school teacher who had been under the almost continuous care of her general dentist from 1963 until 1995. During her 32 year course of treatment by the defendant, the plaintiff diligently and almost religiously returned to the office for periodic prophylaxes (cleanings) which were performed by the defendant and...
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Plaintiff was a 45 year old telephone company network technician who had been under the continuous care of his general dentist from 1975 until 1995. Plaintiff was compliant and diligent about his oral hygiene and followed all dental advice by the defendant: when he needed restorations, he had them done; when he needed a root...
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